Things I'm Learning So Far (About Teaching)


Hi there, friends. 

My first-ever online course launched the beginning of this week, and I've already learned so much through this process. I thought it would be fun to share some of those learnings with you, here at the outset of this big, new adventure. 

Things I'm Learning So Far (About Teaching): 

  1. I have a huge heart-crush on my students -- and we've only been learning together for about five days! 
  2. I'm pretty dang humbled to be getting to teach a course about Jesus. 
  3. Jesus is the real teacher of this course, not me. 
  4. I get fiercely passionate about designing a course when the subject is near and dear to my heart. 
  5. A collaborative learning environment is way more interesting and rewarding than a formal, didactic one.
  6. When recording a teaching video, usually the first take is the keeper. 
  7. Especially if you've spent time in prayer first. 
  8. And you're wearing a cozy cardigan.
  9. I think I really love teaching. 
  10. I don't think I'll ever get tired of looking at Jesus.