Little (Big) Things Worth Celebrating

Our cozy little nook. (Just made several additions to this room!)

I just love how this little room has come together.

(And Diva and Sollie really make the room cozy, don't they?) 

Ever since discovering the place where we belong, I've noticed so many things about the life Kirk and I share falling into place in ways that are kind of marvelous, really. And we're just allowing ourselves to bask in the gift of it every single day.

For instance ... 

Transport, Anyone?

The two of us shared just one car for nearly four years. And then in August, a member of Kirk's family gifted us with a second car for the price of $1. That's right. One dollar. We could hardly believe our ears when they shared with us this great gift!

And I'm not kidding you: every single day since we received that car, we still marvel at the gift of not having to find out how our schedules work out for sharing the car or shuttle each other around or pick each other up if it looks like rain (one impractical byproduct we soon discovered about trying life with a Vespa, especially when living in the very tropical-storm-friendly state of Florida). 

And then there's ... 

The Normal, Simple Everyday

Two weekends ago, we finally decided to get a couch. Imagine that: a couch. Revolutionary, isn't it? 

But in all seriousness, it was a big step for us. The loveseat we've owned the last few years, which was generously gifted to us by my mom when she came for a visit one year, has been quite wonderful. But we knew we'd need another couch at some point, as the loveseat only seats two.

So finally, a couple weekends ago, we decided to check out Craigslist and see what we could find. And what we found was an amazing couch -- great quality, great condition, for hardly any cost at all -- and the young guy who sold it even delivered for just an extra $10. Awesomeness.

It's been so cool to notice that almost immediately upon entering our home, that couch became a new home base for us. That very first night, we sat down in that little nook room and didn't leave for hours. (And neither did the kitties!) 

And then the next day, Kirk went out and procured a couple floor lamps and that cozy red rug you see in the photo above. We hung our very favorite wall art above the couch -- a woodcarved plaque of Psalm 139 -- and secured a few more candles. 

And then, guess what? We entered the modern age and bought a TV. And a DVD player. And tomorrow, the cable guys show up. (WHAT?!)

I jest, but that's actually a pretty big step for us, too. We've enjoyed life without a TV for four years, and that was so great for a season. But we're going to have a number of houseguests staying with us soon, and we know it's impractical -- not to mention highly uncomfortable -- to expect our guests to keep crowding around a tiny laptop screen on top of a hard dining room table just to enjoy a movie together. (Thanks, Mom, for your patience with us!)  

I'm so glad to be able to offer our guests in the coming months a much more welcoming, comfortable, cozy experience of our home.

And lastly ... 

Bring Awesomeness into the Kitchen

I've been experimenting with food. And not just any kind of food, but food that you could potentially find on a menu in restaurants. Things like: 

Snapper Tacos with Chipotle Cream

Creamy Fettuccini with Shrimp and Bacon

Herbed Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Marsala

Curried Chicken Penne with Mango Chutney

Chicken and Couscous Salad

And seriously? I must say that I pretty much rocked these meals when I made them. Who knew I was capable of that? Not me!

I've never been much use in the kitchen at all. For some reason, cooking is not a sensibility or hobby that ever took up residence with me. I've been clumsy and clueless for years when it comes to meal-planning and providing any sense of home cooking in my home. That has just never been me.

But I feel the wind of that changing.

For one, the meals I've made so far have turned out amazing! So yummy and tasty and like real food. They seriously taste like something I'd order in a restaurant. And the presentation is so great, too! It really amazes me.

But second, and this is the real kicker, is that I'm really enjoying myself. I've found a rhythm of searching for great new meals to try, then loading up my shopping list for the week, and then camping out in the kitchen to create something new each night with my trusty laptop sitting on the kitchen counter so I can read the menu as I go along.

Let's just say that is totally rocking my world these days. (And I have Kirsten to thank for the recommendation!)


Such privilege all of this is, isn't it? A second car ... a couch ... some lamps ... a rug ... a television and DVD player ... not to mention real meals making their way onto our table and then into our bellies. It really is rich and amazing to us.

And I think real appreciation for these privileges is so much sweeter when they follow seasons of going without. Don't you agree?