We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program . . .

Sometimes I just have to be reminded.

A sweet decorative art girlie that sits on my desk, 

created by KRR, who inspires me

Hi there, friends.

I've been slowly (slowly, but surely!) making my way through the story of my 5-day silent retreat and where it took me on my journey through the woods with Jesus. There are just a couple more installments to that story before I'll be ready to catch you up on all the goodness and life and light that has been happening in the more daily details of my world over here. I'm looking forward to catching you up on the current happenings!

But for now, I wanted to pop in with a little note that shares some words that deeply inspired and encouraged me deeper into my life's path today. They come from Kelly Rae Roberts, an artist and lover of life, who wrote these words on her blog today:

Recent gratitude . . . for being witness to other people standing in the center of their gifts and serving those gifts up to the world for our taking, our nourishment, our inspiration, our transformation. There is nothing more inspiring or moving to me than being witness to another who has found their truth, is living that truth, and offering it up for another in the spirit of serving, inspiring, changing people's lives.

Kelly Rae wrote these words about an artist she'd witnessed over the weekend, but as I read them, they lifted and encouraged me to keep going deeper into my own path right now. Because the truth is, I believe I have found the path I'm meant to walk now, and it is more deep and true than anything I ever expected to find.

It has to do with unashamedly speaking my love for Jesus. It has to do with writing daily contemplative blog posts over here for those who want to go deeper into their spiritual and inner landscapes. It has do with creating a course that invites anyone who wants to know Jesus better to come and take a look at who he is.

I'm going deeper into my truth these days, and it's an exhilarating and terrifying ride sometimes. Yet it's also the most at-home I've ever felt. Every time I lean deeper and deeper into it, I know it's a reflection of who I really am and my deep heart of love made as an offering to others.

It's so encouraging to hear that others find such standing in one's truth and offering it up for the benefit of others to be a needed, inspiring service. Thank you, Kelly Rae.