Best Decision I've Made for the Year


So, I've been talking a lot about health with my body posts lately, and that journey has definitely been a big part of my year so far, and certainly a positive one.

But I have to take a moment to share with you another decision I made for this year that has been so supremely awesome, and that is this: 

No commitments before 1PM.


I noticed last year more than ever how impactful and helpful and wonderful it is to have my morning hours reserved for the quiet spaces in my life with God.

It is a beautiful day when I'm able to spend an extended period of time at my desk in the morning, curtains open and coffee piping hot, the Scriptures spread out before me and lots of room to just read and think and pray and write. 

Last year I grew into this habit with greater commitment and consistency. 

It was also last year that I noticed what happens when I don't take time for this in the mornings -- when I have to get up and get going and get out the door to make a meeting or an appointment. 

It's not pretty. :-)

Good morning.

So late last year, the seed of an idea began rolling around in my mind:

What if I committed to protecting my mornings in a concrete way in 2012? 

Would it be crazy to make no appointments in the mornings at all, as a rule?

Would that be selfish?

A bit over the top, perhaps? 

This is my world.

I decided it was exactly the right thing to do. 

I consider my life's work that which flows out of that essential and sacred time in the morning quiet with God. The week-daily posts written on Still Forming are the fruit of that time, as is the reflection and writing that happens on JTN. Still times of prayer for others happens during that time, as does much of the preparation and creation of the online courses I've begun to teach.

Declaring a commitment that protects the conditions required for this life's work is not unreasonable, I decided. In fact, it seemed quite sane.

Different versions.

One month into this new year, and I'm happy to report that it is, by far, the best decision I could have made.

It still lights me up with glee and gratitude each day to know that when I wake, nothing is required but that I spend time in the quiet with God, following him wherever that may lead.