Going on the Tour with Jesus

My work. Right now.

Yesterday I wrote about a year-long digital tour I'm starting on Monday to better understand and create an approach to my life's work that makes the most sense for who I am and what Jesus is inviting me to do.

It's so important for me to remember that Jesus and I are on this tour together -- and that each conversation I have with my work and my life on the tour and each decision I make about those things are going to be made in the context of having talked with and really listened to him first. 

Right now.

I've gotten a lot of practice at this over the last year.

In fact, as I've written previously, I've learned that staying close and listening to Jesus is my very first act. It's what comes first. Any time I stray from him, I immediately become self-dependent, and then anything I do is fueled only with my measly human effort. 

The work I'm called to do is not about human effort. It's not about Christianne. It's about Jesus.

Jesus keeps affirming to me over and over that the work he's inviting me into is his. He calls people. He nudges them toward himself. He produces any fruit that emerges in their lives. I'm just a facilitator, a vessel, an opening for him to be made known and present. (And it continues to blow my mind that he would even call me to be a part of that work he's doing in the lives of others.)

So, it's me and Jesus on this Tour de Bliss. I can't wait to see what he and I discover together on it and how the experience of it will help better sculpt and form the life he's leading me to live.