This Is Going to Be So Fun (and Amazing)


*Letting out a long, restful, contented sigh*

This has been one of those days where my calendar was full of Things To Do. I was kept pretty much on task from 10 a.m. until about 6:30 p.m., rolling from one thing to the next with a lot of focus and enjoyment.

And then I reached that still, quiet moment at the end of the day when all the things to be accomplished had been done and I could look at the rest of the evening as one long, open expanse to do with as I wanted. 

Isn't that just the best?

Today is also the official embarkation day of the Tour de Bliss. (Eeeeep!)

Since my day was so full, I had only a chance to take a passing glance at the official welcome e-mail for the tour this morning and log in briefly to check out the tour homepage.

But now, sitting here on my couch with the full evening ahead of me, a blanket draped over my lap and my travel manifest for the tour by my side, I've just had a chance to log in and take everything in with a bit more attention. 

And I have to tell you: 

This is going to be so stinkin' fun.

I mean, how many business development plans have *you* heard of that include things like a hot air balloon, a Product Patisserie, and a Room for Flying Objects? I've also heard mention of a mysterious place called the Tower of Glint. And I know there is much, much more. 

I really can't wait to dive in. I'm so blissed-out to be a part of this.