My Little Adventurer

My little adventurer.

It's been a slow, quiet Saturday morning so far.

I've been having issues with my jaw lately, so last night I took a muscle relaxer, hoping it would relax the tension and tightness that keep my teeth and jaw muscles clenched and wound up way more than they should be. 

The result? Waking at 11am from a very deep sleep. Mmmmm.

So, the morning has started slow. Thirty minutes of adjustment to the new day in bed. Then coffee. Catching up on e-mail, then Facebook, then Twitter. Kirk came home from the grocery store with a bouquet of happy yellow flowers. Then Diva followed me to my desk and crawled all over my lap, letting me pull her close and give her kisses on top of her sweet little head. 

Now I've been sitting on the couch with a fresh mug of coffee and Susannah Conway's brave and beautiful new book, and I intend to relish it for a bit right now. It's such a delicious treat to sink into the words and heart journey of one of your favorite bloggers whose journey you have been following for years, you know? As I wrote in a comment on her blog a couple weeks ago, reading this book feels like getting time with her heart, mind, and photographs in all kinds of uninterrupted space. It's like getting 100 blog posts from her instead of having to wait for the next one to be posted -- pretty blissful, if you ask me.

But in the meantime, as I've sat here on the couch with the book, I've noticed Diva moving around the house, from room to room, in somewhat uncharacteristic fashion. At one point, she wandered through the living room and then climbed into one of the bottom nooks of the built-in bookshelves in the front room, only to snake her way along the back side of it and come out the other end. 

Then she wandered over to the little step-box next to the couch and crawled on it, then jumped down and sniffed inside the magazine holder, then jumped on the arm of the couch next to me and began ruffling her nose against the pages of the book. Then, having exhausted that fascination, she jumped down again and wandered over to Solomon, who has been lounging on the couch, asleep, all morning. 

Now she's jumped up beside him and pushed her little paws underneath his, content to sit with him for a while, I guess. 

She was my little adventurer this morning for a bit, though. I like to watch her explore and play.