A Small but Significant Decision


Do you remember the decision I made at the turn of the year to keep my mornings free and not make any commitments before 1PM? 

Well, some shifts in my schedule happened over this last month, and I decided, after weighing my options, to allow a standing commitment into my schedule that began at noon three days a week. The choice was mine, and it seemed like the best option of the ones I had in front of me at the time. 

What's the sacrifice of one small hour, just three days a week? I wondered. 

I've learned that it was a real sacrifice, actually.

For whatever reason, that morning commitment to remain free and in prayerful solitude until 1PM matters. Even one small hour being chiseled out of that commitment three days a week made a difference -- and one I found myself not happy with at all.

So I checked into whether I could adjust that commitment -- whether I could shift the commitment to commence at 1PM instead, which would mean committing to it four days a week instead of just three. Thankfully, there was no problem at all in making that switch. 

This was a small but significant decision, but I haven't looked back since I made it.

No regrets. Just gratitude and confidence.