Care to Swap Celebration Stories?

Sunday Quiet Badge.jpg

Today is a day that I'm celebrating. I have been working hard — some days and nights literally around the clock — to launch the rebuild of my website on a new platform, and it's now officially launched! 

Check out the new Still Forming.

(Isn't it beautiful?!)

Granted, it has a similar feel to the previous version of my site, but it's been stripped down to a cleaner look and simplified in its offerings to the essentials: the Look at Jesus course, discernment sessions, the Cup of Sunday Quiet, and the popular series collection

My hope is for the website to become a real resource for you, wherever you might be in your spiritual journey, while these Sunday Quiet letters remain the primary way we keep in touch. 

On top of this good news, some additional offerings are currently in the works. 

For instance, the "way of the heart" offering that emerged during that prayer-storm I told you about is still very much in development, and I hope to share some updates with you soon on how it's coming together and what I'm learning through the process. (The short version? I am learning tons.) 

I'm also actively exploring creative ways I might offer some additional entry points for the Look at Jesus course, and I'm continuing to research and gather information for the Enneagram audiobook I've mentioned to you before. A bit later in the year, I'm expecting to create a "forgiveness pathway" offering for those who are struggling through the challenges of forgiveness and could use some hope, gentleness, and dignifying guidance along the way. 

A lot going on, to say the least! And all of it makes me happy and thrilled. Like I said, my hope is that Still Forming becomes a resource for ongoing enrichment and invitation into a deepening of the journey for you, wherever that journey may be taking you. 

That's how I'm celebrating today. 

How are you celebrating in ways large or small right now? 

Much love,