Welcome to the New Lilies!

Purple beauties.

Hello there, friends. 

Whew! It continues to be a busy season over here on the home front. I'm not sure why I thought life would surely slow down once I finished my grad program and training in spiritual direction in June, but things continue to move steadily along.

Don't get me wrong, though -- I seriously love the freedom from assigned readings and papers and other official coursework. Wouldn't you?

But I've continued to find lots of ways to keep myself busy these last few months. I talked a bit about that in my last post. One of the more recent big steps has been the launch of www.christiannesquires.com just over a week ago, which feels truly wonderful. It's such a big and helpful step for me to have one dedicated online space that sums up all the work I do in all the various places I do it.

And then this week, I transitioned my beloved Lilies blog here to its own domain space at www.lilieshavedreams.com. (Goodbye, Blogger! It was fun and you were faithful while it lasted.)

So, how do you like the new digs?

I love it here! My sweet, dear friend Kirsten designed the blog banner -- didn't she do a fantastic job?! I have always been a fan of the color green, and then when I saw the photograph of those gorgeous pink water lilies and lily pads in her photostream several weeks ago, it got the wheels in my mind a-turning concerning this space. 

It seemed about time to show this personal blog of mine a little loving attention and special treatment, as it has been my place to process and grow as a person and a writer and a seeker and a friend over the last 5+ years. 

Thanks for being here. Lots more to come in the days ahead, especially as I continue to move toward launching my first online course