Amazed and Blessed to Be Here

Loving sky.

I just got back from my monthly session with my spiritual director, and I can't quite shake the grin upon my face because of our time together. (Nor do I want to!)

Our session went a bit longer than normal today, and we covered a lot of territory, but the overwhelming consensus in my mind and heart today is this: I'm amazed and blessed to be in this place. 

There were several times during my session with Elaine today that I basked in the goodness of the place I currently find myself. And there were several other times during our session that I marveled at the long journey of life I have taken to get here. It has included a very big sea change in my spiritual life that began at age 19, an intentional process of getting to know grace and Jesus, several intentional and difficult times of healing that eventually led to rebirth, a couple cross-country moves, plus quite a bit of education and training. All of it -- and even more than I've listed here, too -- is a long journey that's been lived to lead to me to this place. 

What is "this place"?

I write about spiritual formation every day. Just a couple weeks from now, I'll start teaching my first online course about a subject I passionately love. I continue to reflect upon and write about my journey toward nonviolence, which is a subject that I sense could captivate me the rest of my life. And I'm beginning to grow my practice of spiritual direction.

This is the work I get to do.

From the comments and e-mails I receive from people on occasion, God is somehow using these things. I am doing things I love -- writing, thinking, and creating sacred space -- and somehow God delights to make something meaningful out of it. 

I am so aware this is not my doing. Each day, I seek the companionship of Jesus. I ask him to show me what to say and where to go. I ask him what he wants for me to hear and then speak on his behalf. He has been directing each of these steps, and I'm asking him to direct me still. And all the while, I just keep saying: Thank you.

Indeed, I'm amazed and blessed to be in this place.